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Terms and Conditions  

1st : 50% Cash to be paid at the fall of the hammer or more on each Lot as demanded by the Auctioneer. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders the lot in question shall be put up again to the last undisputed bidding.Delivery of all lots bought by any one purchaser must be taken at the same time and considered as forming one lot of purchase. No lot will be delivered during the sales. If an offer is recorded adeposit of 10 percent will have to begiven.

2nd : The auctioneers may, without giving any reason thereof refuse to accept the bidding of any person orpersons.

3rd : All purchases are at the risk and expenses of the purchasers from the time of sale and must be paid for and removed by them with all faults and errors of description by 5 P. M. onThursday the 06th April, 2023 after which time no objection whatever will be considered. Pur- chases remaining at the expiration of the period named will be removed and re-sold on the first suitable oppurtunity at the sole discretion of the Owners, either by public or private sales without furthernotice to the purchaser. The firstpurchaser shall forfeit his deposits, if any and shall be held liable for any deficiency in price arising from any such re-sale as well as for all commission and charges, and shall forfeit any increase which may be obtained. Any loss on the re-sale, including commission and charges may be sold for and recovered in a Court of Law.

4th : Lots paid for but not removed within the time specified may at the Owners option, be sold without notice, atthe risk of the first purchaser, at anyconvenient time thereafter, and the first purchaser will not be entitled to any increase in the price that may be obtained, but shall be paid the amount realised, on such second sales exceding the figure on which they werebrought by him and after deduction ofcommission and charges.

5th : Should any mistake whatsoever be made in describing an article either in the cata- logue, or at the time of sale, each mistake will set be held to violate or effect the sale in any way, it being understood that intending purchasers shall satisfy themselves on all points be-fore bidding. Messrs The Russell Exchange not being responsible for the correct weight, description, genuineness or authority of or for fault or defect in any lot and give no warrantywhatsoever. Quantities mentioned inlist are Approx.

6th : The Auctioneers do not hold themselves responsible for any goods that may be damaged, broken, stolen, or destroyed by fire belonging to customers, whilst the goods are lyingonsite where Auctions are conducted onbehalf of and under instructions from theclient.


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